A Force for Good?

Technology is the most powerful force known to humankind.

It can improve lives or destroy them.

We must ask ourselves:

  • Do we want nuclear fusion to power our cities, or the nuclear bomb to annihilate them?
  • Did the last 200 years of burning fossil fuels justify our current climate emergency?

I prefer not to run away from these questions.

Instead I do my best to harness our incredible power for the benefit of global society.

Here's what I'm up to...

Previous projects:


AI Grant Funding Intelligence

Forge Dashboard screenshot

Some of the best organizations on the planet rely on grant funding to solve humanity's challenges.

Unfortunately, it's a broken system, and extraordinarily painful to navigate.

We can use AI to save precious time instead of wasting it in "grant agony".

The Climate Tech Handbook

Your community guide for joining the climate tech movement

The Climate Tech Handbook - team Zoom call

The climate tech movement is exploding.

I started an open source handbook for those who want good paying technology jobs solving the climate crisis.

We have awesome community of volunteers building their portfolios through code, design, content, and data science.


Community engagement using the power of maps

Mapseed mobile screenshot

Engaging communities is hard.

Maps hold temendous value and have worked for centuries.

I started a company with two friends called Mapseed.

We build open source maps designed to help governments and non-profits do things like:

  • Spend money where it matters most
  • Gather data on environmental conservation
  • Plan transportation projects

Urban Forestry at PlanIT Geo

Helping the world take better care of our trees

treeplotter software screenshots

I spent time with PlanIT Geo helping municipalities around the world take better care of their city forest.

We have science to prove that a well planned urban forest means lower crime, cleaner air, less noise, less flooding, lower energy bills, better climate resilience, fresher water, higher life satisfaction, more play, better connections with our neighbors, and even a free outdoor gym if you like to climb like me!

Open Source at Mozilla & GitLab

Ensuring that the internet remains free and open

Mozilla's mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

In my youthful 20s, I got to work as a staff contributor to the following Mozilla projects:

  • Open News
  • Webmaker
  • The Open Video Alliance & Conference

GitLab - DevOps

More recently, I learned a ton about DevOps and the open core business model as an Account Executive at GitLab, where I served 240 SMB customers.


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