A reasonable path to a satisfying life

I want to use this section of my website to share a simple philosophy that keeps me on track toward incremental life goals.

Everybody wants happiness, but perhaps that's a mistake. Happiness is a temporary feeling that dries up and leaves you wanting more. Instead, I prefer to aim for satisfaction.

Building a foundation of satisfaction not only stays with you, it can grow over time.

It doesn't have to be complicated. I just follow these three ingredients:

  1. Stay curious
  2. Stay motivated
  3. Stay humble
the three ingredients

The three ingredients.

Stay curious

Life is worth living when things new things continue to provide fascination and possibility.

Stay motivated

You have to set goals and make incremental progress. Small things add up.

Stay humble

This one really matters.

Respect yourself by respecting others.

How to stay curious

curiosity boy looking over a fence

This is the easiest of the three.

The key here is to enjoy thrill of discovery.

We're hard wired by evolution to get a kick of dopamine when we achieve something that we're pining for.

How to stay motivated

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Depression is real, most of us know that. Even if you're not sinking into the dark abyss of negative onslaught, just being plain lazy can lead to lethargy and a lack of enthusiasm.

Here's how I keep fuel in the tank:

  • Healthy habits. Prioritize sleep no matter what. Eat whole foods (a meal where you can see all the ingredients). The key here is to build a solid baseline so you don't slip through the cracks.

  • Obtainable rewards. Remember that kick of dopamine? Learn to recognize it and crave it. Small things add up. JUST BE CAREFUL not to build a pattern that forms addiction.

  • Track your progress. When you see improvement you'll want to keep going. Hang up a wall calendar and mark a giant X each day you achieve a daily habit. Write down your goals and check them off when you cross the finish line.

How to stay humble

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It's critical that you separate what you want from what you actually need. Don't let your emotional brain physiology 1 fool you.

To want nothing is to possess all things

Believe it or not, a daily meditation practice 2 will solidify this concept. You can actually train your brain to want less and be more.

Be more humorous, cunning, balanced, joyful, inquisitive, motivated, grateful, and ultimately more satisfied.

It's okay to want, but if you feel like you absolutely need something, it can only cause pain.

The three most important words in the English language:

Let it go.

Feel free to share your own philsophy, I'd love to hear it.


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