Do you have control over your digital identity?

If you don't have a web domain, it means you don't own any real estate.

If you can't determine what happens when a person looks you up on Google, your reputation is in someone else's hands.

I can help you own and grow your own real estate (not just Facebook's) on the world wide web and solidify your message.

Jacob Caggiano - Sales and Marketing - stand out from the crowd

If you need an extra set of wings I can help you take on:

  • Keyword research - find topics and phrases that will help you stand out
  • Content marketing - craft a series of compelling messages that generate traffic
  • Social media - build an audience and amplify your growth
  • Analytics - sort through the data and iterate on your strategy

Before I got into developing and selling GIS software, I made videos for a living.

A sample of my video work:

Organizations used to hire me to film and edit high profile events for a summary video.

The example below was made for a gathering at MIT by Journalism that Matters, which brought together journalists and librarians who want to improve the news and information ecosystem.

I've worked with many non-profits. Here is a promotional video for the International Rescue Committee, promoting their work to help victims of war and persecution.

Here's a 30 second commercial I made to advertise a youth media program that I ran for the Mozilla Foundation.


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